At the Cork Academy we offer a wide range of courses designed to help the student achieve their goals in music tuition.

We aim to offer all of our students training in music skills to a qualification standard as well as providing training in Communications, Personal Development, Personal and Interpersonal Skills and Computer training.

Community Employment Scheme: This scheme is aimed at persons aged 25+ who have been long term unemployed, early school leavers etc and are looking to train in music skills. Participants on this course take part in our Foundation and Access Course to 3rd level studying Music education, music notation and the practice of playing instruments.

Back To Education Initiative: This flexible training programme is suitable for persons aged 18+ who are in receipt of a social welfare payment. Students on this programme can study Practical Instrumentation such as: Piano, Guitar, Classical Guitar, Vocals, Percussion and Brass as well as Personal Development training.

Local Training Initiative Programmes: The Academy offers 2 LTI programmes A level 4 in Music and Level 5 in Music. Modules on these programmes include; Music Theory, Music Performance, Music Industry Studies, Work Experience, Teamworking, Safety and Health at Work etc. as well as 1st Instrument study from a selection of instruments such as Guitar, Bass Guitar, Percussion, Piano, Vocals and Brass. LTI programmes cater to people aged 16 – 35.

Community Drama: The CAM Drama ensemble is an evening course, its runs every Tuesday and Thursday, to date they have produced 4 shows including ‘The Rocky Horror Picture Show’ and ‘The Beatles Experience’, all of which have been very successful.

Irish Traditional Music: This evening course runs Tuesdays. Students study traditional Irish Music incorporating the use of the Irish language.

Age Friendly Socially Inclusive Music Society: This group comes together on a weekly basis for 30 weeks of the year. Working with a music tutor from the Academy the group provides an informal access route to broadening musical knowledge through participation but also provides a weekly social gathering in a community setting for senior citizens in the area.

Choir: The Cork Academy has recently established a weekly choir session on Wednesday afternoons.

Music Technology: We have a Music Technology Department in the Academy, we also have a fully functional recording studio.

Piano Laboratory: Our Piano Laboratory has 8 Piano’s to cater for 8 students at a time, all students are connected by a headset to the tutor, this allows students who are at different levels to attend a group lesson ensuring we train all of our students in Piano quickly.

Annual Summer School: Now in its 17th year the Academy Annual Summer School is held in July and is a week long intensive course in music skills for our students and persons from the local Community. This years summer school will take place on the 3rd – 7th of July.

Music Generation: The Academy acts as a catalyst for the Music Generation Programme. We are responsible for the monitoring, developing training modules, liaising with school principals and tutors of the programme. Currently there are 750 children receiving training in 9 centres across the city.

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